Jessica Henderson
 Executive Lead

As an EL I have the opportunity to work with an incredible team on day-to-day operations, creating policies and procedures, engaging the team in complex strategies to promote team morale and productivity.

Timothy Jones
 Executive  Lead

As an EL I work with our team on decision-making and administrative management authority.

Helena Island
Tribe Host Pastor

As Tribe Host Pastor it is my greatest pleasure to help facilitate leaders who have a heart to help. Our motto is Togetherness, Trust, Transparency, and Truth. These 4 pillars are what we use to walk alongside individuals on their freedom journey.

Christopher Amador
 Location Pastor

As the Location Pastor of the Pleasant Grove Community Church I have the privilege of guiding, teaching, & leading the people into knowing God,  finding freedom, discover purpose, and Make a Difference!

Matthew Wilson
 Location Pastor

As the Location Pastor of The Well Recovery Center. I assist our residents in overcoming their addictions and learning to live a new life all through the power of Jesus Christ.

Thomas Freeman
Growth Track Coordinator

As the Growth Track Coordinator I want you to discover your unique God-given purpose & design and begin taking next steps in the life God has created for you.

Rodolfo Serrato
 First Impression Coordinator

As the First Impressions Coordinator, I work with the dream team to create a hospitable environment where people attending our church whether for the first time or as long time members can an enjoyable worship experience.

Isidoro Lopez
 Rescue Center Coordinator

As The Well Rescue Center Coordinator, our goal is to transform communities through the power of Jesus Christ. My team and I assist apartment complexes to improve the well-being of the residents in their community.

Ricky Trevino,
Next Generation Ministries

As the student minister my passion is to advocate & teach students how to navigate through life with Godly principles.

Laura Trevino
Children's Ministry

As the Children's Ministry Coordinator, being a part of children’s Ministry gives me the chance to build a firm biblical foundation in the hearts of children. The best thing about being in children’s ministry is meeting these kids where they are, just as Jesus meets us where we are. These children are our future and they need people to invest in them and to help raise them up in the way and the Lord.